Diversity and International Scholarship

The Diversity and International Committees are proud to announce the 2016 VASTA Conference Diversity/International Scholarships. VASTA as an organization values the benefit of hearing the voices and ideas of a diverse group of practitioners. These scholarships will provide an opportunity for practitioners from under-represented or historically marginalized populations and/or practitioners who are from outside the US/Canada to attend the VASTA Conference. VASTA will offer two (2) $750 Scholarships to early career voice practitioners to attend the VASTA Conference in Chicago August 8-11, 2016. In addition, the conference fee will be waived.

These scholarships are intended for:

  1. Εarly career voice practitioners, graduate students, adjuncts, lecturers, freelancers
  2. Members who demonstrate a need
  3. Practitioners who have attended no more than one conference

You are eligible for the International Scholarship if:
You reside outside of Canada & the United States.

You are eligible for the Diversity Scholarship if:
You identify as a member of a diverse group (including, but not limited to race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, differently-abled, and/or gender identification) and/or practitioners who are non-native English speakers.

You may apply for both scholarships if you are eligible. If you are applying for both, you need to submit two separate applications. However, a candidate may receive no more than ONE of the two scholarships.


Applicants for the Diversity/International Scholarships must submit the following:
1) A 2-page condensed C.V. (with contact info)
2) A statement which includes:

  • Affirmation that you meet the above requirements
  • Self-identification as a member of an international or diverse community
  • An explanation of how attending the conference would benefit your practice and career

Applicants will be reviewed and voted on by members of the VASTA Diversity and International Committees, respectively. In the case of a tie, the Committee Chairs will make a final decision.

Scholarship recipients will be asked to write for the VASTA newsletter about their experience at the conference, or how their experience at the conference affected their subsequent work. . Scholarship recipients will be invited to serve on the International Committee or the Diversity Committee.

Please Note: Applicants need not be current VASTA members. Please submit your materials in .doc or .pdf format via e-mail to Cynthia DeCure (cdecurevoice@gmail.com) by the March 30, 2016 deadline.

Past Scholarship Recipients

sayda_112.jpgVASTA Montreal 2015 gave me the opportunity to engage with voice practitioners from around the world. I reunited with friends, colleagues and mentors to play, to listen and to ask profound questions about voice pedagogy, practice, cultural inclusivity and identity. It was an invaluable experience that reinforced my responsibility as practitioner and educator. - Sayda Trujillo, 2015 VASTA Diversity Scholarship Recipient

12022161_10153959438880839_676481458_o.jpgWould I suggest others apply for future VASTA scholarships? Yes! Did I feel included, yes!  Would I enthuse over the outstanding opportunities to share practice and network with other voice and speech professionals? Yes!  VASTA’s pluralistic approach to inclusivity was not a sign of fashionable tokenism; there was a genuine curiosity about my own journey into the profession and the challenges I have faced so far as a creative, black, male gay individual.  - Joel Trill, 2015 VASTA International Scholarship Recipient

Alicia Richardson Headshot(1).jpgThe VASTA Diversity Scholarship gave me the means to attend my very first conference. Had it not been for the award, I would have missed out on valuable connections, especially to other teachers of color. The bonds I formed at that first conference led to my presenting a panel with my new found comrades the following year. I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow with my peers. - Alicia Richardson, 2014 VASTA Diversity Scholarship Recipient