Membership Enrichment Grants

VASTA is interested in facilitating networking between members of our profession. In the same spirit VASTA is offering small grants to support our members who wish to host a regional mini-conference or workshop aimed at providing opportunities to members in their home region. We are calling these Membership Enrichment Grants. Currently they are in two categories: MEG I – small Networking Hospitality grants. And MEG II slightly larger grants to provide partial support for mini-conferences or regional workshops.


MEG I Grant | MEG II Grant


MEG category I
Networking Hospitality Grant up to $150.00


VASTA is offering networking hospitality grants to VASTA Members interested in hosting a member get-together to support networking among professional voice trainers.

Hosts are encouraged include professionals who may be interested in, but not members VASTA organization. (i.e, The get-together could be as small as the 6 state members of VASTA, or could be as large as a hospitality session for a regional VASTA sponsored. The size of the gathering will take be taken into account in making the award.)


The goal is to facilitate members in communing, exchange ideas,  solving problems, and fostering working and collegial relationships within your own region. 

To be eligible you must be currently be and have been a member of VASTA for two consecutive years.

Write up a brief proposal. Please include a prospective guest list, pick your location, project the budget expenses, attach your completed application form.

Send the application via e-mail to Barry Kur, Chair, Awards and Grants Committee,, who will get back to you as soon as possible. Grants are awarded on a first come first served basis until the budget for the year is depleted.

Following the gathering, the receipts for the gathering are submitted to the Treasurer and then a check for the approved amount will be reimbursed. Expenses above the approved amount cannot be reimbursed.


Mini-conference or workshop support grants.

VASTA is now offering Conference Support Grants to assist those VASTA members who wish to host a regional VASTA conference or workshop. Examples of potential grant requests: designated to pay fees for the presenter, materials or space necessary to the conference/workshop, or support for travel or housing for a presenter.  Restrictions -The member requesting the grant may not be a presenter receiving a fee at the event. The primary purpose of the workshop may not be to make a profit for the coordinator.

First consideration will be given to proposals that promote the exchange of ideas, techniques, and pedagogy to enhance our work as trainers and coaches.

Applicant must be current and have been a member of VASTA for two consecutive years. If a fee is charged to support the workshop, VASTA members should be given a discount.

Membership contact emails will be available to the approved grant presenter.

As a follow up, the recipient of an enrichment grant must submit a paragraph or two about your event to Barry Kur, Chair, Awards and Grants Committee, The write-up will also be submitted to and published in the VASTA Voice, the on-line newsletter.

The application process is simple -- fill out the appropriate form posted on the website. E-mail the application to Barry Kur, Chair, Awards and Grants Committee, Include your proposed budget.


MEG Grant applications will be reviewed in the order they are received and grants continue to be awarded until the current year’s budget is depleted. VASTA’s operated on a calendar year budget.