VASTA's Diversity Initiative


As part of the “VASTA vision 2005-2014,” the VASTA Board created a Committee on Diversity. The committee generated a diversity template for discussion at the 2006 Chicago VASTA conference; from ideas shared during that discussion, the Committee generated a Board-approved VASTA Diversity statement.

The Committee on Diversity encourages discussion of diversity issues within the membership; creates resources that support diversity for the membership; encourages the creation of scholarship about diversity issues as they pertain to the voice and speech profession; and encourages diversification within VASTA with regard to membership, board and officers, conference venues, presenters and themes.

Be sure to check out’s new diversity resource, the VASTA diversity bibliography, which includes annotated references and information on a variety of diversity issues.

If you would like to submit a diversity article to the VASTAVoice, Dramatics Magazine, or the Voice and Speech Review, have additions to the VASTA diversity bibliography, or have questions, ideas, or thoughts for the committee, please contact its chair.



VASTA Diversity Statement

VASTA Diversity Bibiliography

VASTA Diversity Committee