Global Travel Awards

The Global Communications Group 

is proud to announce the 2019 VASTA Conference 

Global Travel Awards!

As an organization, VASTA values the benefit of hearing the voices and ideas of practitioners from all over the world. These awards will provide an opportunity for practitioners outside of North America to attend the VASTA Conference in Orlando, Florida - August 4-7, 2019.


VASTA will offer:

  • One $750 Global Travel Award to a professional voice practitioner outside North America.

  • One $750 scholarship to a graduate student outside North America.

  • A waived conference fee per recipient  - a $350 value 

Applicants need not be current VASTA members. 
The Global Travel Awards are intended for: 

  • A member who demonstrates a need

  • Practitioners who have attended no more than one conference.

  • Residents outside of Canada & the United States.

Applicants will be reviewed and voted on by members of VASTA's Global Communication Group. In the case of a tie, the Committee Chair will make a final decision.


Award recipients will be asked to write for the VASTA newsletter about their experience at the conference, or how their experience at the conference affected their subsequent work.


Award recipients will be invited to serve on the Global Communications Group.


The deadline to apply is April 15, 2019.

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