Call for proposals for MEMBER PRESENTATIONS

for the 2020 VASTA Conference


To be held at the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) in Sydney


Proposals are now closed.

The deadline for proposals was Sunday 10 November 2019


Dreaming the Future: Evolving Traditions

24 - 28 July 2020


The Voice and Speech Trainers Association (VASTA) warmly welcomes proposals for our 34th Annual Conference to be hosted by the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) in Sydney, Australia.

The conference theme “Dreaming the Future: Evolving Traditions” aims to ignite an exploration of the role of tradition in voice practice and training, the evolution of our profession, practices and pedagogies, and the role we play beyond the arts. 

The conference will bring together voice and dialect practitioners who work around the world. 

VASTA Sydney 2020 promises to be a dynamic vocal, pedagogical and cultural exchange that will put a spotlight on the role of voice practitioners in conservatoire and university programs, theatre and film, academia, tech and corporate industries.

We call upon VASTA members to spearhead collaboration and share craft, knowledge and ideas. The conference theme invites proposals from members who are interested in: 

  • the intersection of traditional and contemporary practice

  • the evolution of our profession and teaching practices

  • the changing nature of our professional environments (including but not limited to academia, film, television and private practice)

  • examining the future of our craft, our students and clients, and our teaching environments

  • the role of the voice practitioner in an ever-changing modern world

The theme calls for a discussion of how we, as Voice practitioners, bring our dreaming into the modern world.

We welcome proposals for:

  • Paper presentations 
    These sessions allow members to present their research papers, and are not necessarily interactive (though they may be).


  • Workshops 
    These sessions should be interactive and accessible to all, inviting participation from all attendees. The majority of the workshop should be spent engaged in activity rather than explanation. 


  • Panel discussions 
    Panel discussions focus on more in-depth conversations on a topic, from the perspective of multiple participants. Conference organisers may contact you to suggest additional panel members if similar proposals are submitted. 

Collaboration is encouraged and sessions involving three or more presenters will be given preference. 

While we appreciate that the expertise and energy of all VASTA members is boundless, we only have a limited number of sessions in the conference for member presentations. Once the Call for Proposals closes, the conference directors and member presentation coordinators will coordinate proposals in order to offer the opportunity to present to as many members as possible.

All proposals must be received by Sunday 10 November, 2019. 

Due to the estimated size and scope of the Sydney 2020 conference, absolutely no extensions will be granted for proposals. 

You will be notified by 20 January 2020 if your proposal has been accepted.  

Thank you.

Please direct questions to 


Conference Directors: 

Amy Hume

Jennifer Innes

Katerina Moraitis