VASTA's Aussie Helpers


If you are coming along to the VASTA 2020 Conference in Sydney, and are planning to travel around the country while you're here, we're here to help!

Below is a list of friendly VASTAns and friends located around the country who are happy to give advice for those wishing to run workshops or find professional development opportunities around Australia.  If you are based in Australia and would like to join this group of friendly helpers, please contact Jennifer Innes.

The Helpers are here to assist in the following ways:

  • provide you with details of local venues and events

  • offer advice around good areas to stay and play

  • share details of your event with their professional networks

  • have a cuppa and show you around when you visit (if schedules align)

VASTA's Aussie Helpers are listed by State/Territory. You can contact them if you'd like advice on opportunities and facilities in the regions listed below:



Robert Maxwell: rm (at)

Margaret Mills: margaretannmaria (at)

Melissa Agnew: mjagnew (at)


South Australia

Tarsha Cameron: tarsha.cameron (at)


Western Australia

Luzita Fereday: l.fereday (at)

Jean Goodwin: j.goodwin (at)