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ATHE Conference: Financial Updates

Amy Chaffee

ATHE is a multidisciplinary International Conference, held annually for 5 or 6 days in early August. This year it is being held online July 20 - Aug 1.

If you have been craving connection and collaboration as I have during this epoch of confinement, ATHE will a wonderful answer to that yearning.

This year is a terrific year to attend and participate.

And, there are several initiatives for those experiencing financial challenges:

  1. We have added the option for members to check out with a free registration to the conference, understanding that many of our members are experiencing financial precarity at this time.
  2. We have reduced the non-member registration rate to $100 (down from $195) and have send a specific email to anyone who registered under the previous rate to offer a refund if requested.
  3. We have created the option for interested members to pay their membership dues in monthly installments payable over the next year. For some, this may be as little as $7/month.
  4. Black Theatre Network has received information on how to share with its members registration codes for BTN members to register at member conference prices, which includes the free option.

To recap the registration fees


Graduate Student, Contingent/Adjunct/Part-Time - $25

Full-Time Employed - $50

Full-time Employed with Institutional Support - $100

Non-member - $100

Register here:

or contact