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Fall Voice Retreat for Actors

Sarah Weatherwax  | Published on 9/11/2020

Are you craving Space? Time in Nature? Do you want to Scream or Sing in the middle of a Forest? Or recite Poetry while gazing at a beautiful, quiet Lake? 
Designated Linklater Voice Teacher Sarah Weatherwax invites you to the Fall Voice Retreat for Actors in North Kawartha, Nov. 6-8. The spacious Kingfisher Bay Retreat Centre has already successfully hosted and catered retreats since re-opening following all government health and safetey guidelines. Teaching methods will be adjusted. 

At this 27 acre waterfront retreat centre, loud, sustained vocalizations of any type will be done outside, with lots of space between participants. No motorized boats will disturb the sounds of the natural world.  Inside, there is plenty of space for the small number of participants to work on voice safely, in different yet connected rooms. Social distancing guidelines will be followed.  All participants will have private accommodations. 

With a free voice, actors become better at listening fully to their scene partners, learning dialects and being transformed by text, character, and circumstances. Learn many exercises to release your specific vocal blocks and continue developing your voice long after this special weekend. Exercises taught will include everything from spinal alignment and breath awareness, to tongue, jaw, soft palate work, resonators and range. Each participant will receive individualized text coaching. 

Given the incredible increase in the Voice-Acting business this is a timely offering, and a wonderful way to improve your skill-set. Get some stress out and leave it there, in the woods. Get some fresh air in your lungs, new energy in your mind, body and voice...and bring it all home with you. A free voice leans our bodies towards health, our minds toward clarity, our voices toward sincerity and our souls toward creativity. 

COST: $725 & HST OR $580 & HST for CAEA/ACTRA members and current Straeon students. Includes all meals & accommodations (single-occupancy) for the weekend, Friday dinner to Sunday lunch. For full details, teacher bio and registration info, see