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Grow Your Voice

Flloyd Kennedy  | Published on 9/11/2020

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A novel introduction to voice training and vocal maintenance, with Flloyd Kennedy (Being in Voice)

Weekly one-hour sessions, online, from Saturday 26th September, 4:00pm BST.  
Cost £15 per session.

Prepare the Pot – posture and physical alignment

Prepare the Soil – breath for the voice

Provide the Water – your pure vocal sound

Pruning – shaping the speech sounds

Bring on the Sunshine – sharing your harvest.

Being in Voice provides you with the tools to develop a strong, flexible, effective speaking voice and presence. Once you understand how to use those tools, you own them, you have control over how you use them – your way.

Limited to 6 participants.  Booking is essential.
Contact Flloyd at for further information, or check the website