April 8, 2019

Voice and Contemporary Text : Nadine George Voice Work

Workshop Leader/Facilitator:

Professor Ros Steen


Vocal Production

Dates & Times:

8th-12th April 2019.  10.30am - 5.30pm

Physical Address:

Central London studio tbc


This 5-day workshop provides an opportunity for participants to research and develop their voice through experiencing Nadine George Voice Work’s ability to empower and inspire. Using George’s highly practical technique the individual is supported to release their authentic, expressive human voice by means of a physical and vocal exploration of the voice linked directly to speaking contemporary text.
Each voice is unique to that individual and no two voices are the same. The workshop deliberately limits the number of participants to allow for the separate development of each person’s voice within a supportive group. There is no one pathway to suit all sizes.

Cost: £ 500

Contact Email: info@voicestudiointernational.com

Contact Phone: N/A

Web Address for More Information: http://www.voicestudiointernational.com/