The VASTA Voice

Volume 14, Issue 1

MARCH 2019

Table of Contents:

A Message from the President

Michael Barnes

Betty Moulton

Greetings VASTA members:

Happy Spring!  Though—here in Michigan—we are just feeling the first hints of warmer weather, I know that we will soon be blooming abundantly. The same way that the flowers will be springing out, some great things are beginning to bloom here at VASTA.  


With Nancy Bos joining us as our Director of Operations, the organization is finding a stronger footing to make certain it can operate more efficiently. As the organization has continued to grow internationally, it has been harder and harder for the volunteers that make up the Board and Officers to keep things functioning as well as we would like for our membership.  Nancy has begun to integrate herself into the process so that the we are all able to better execute the work needed to make the organization work for you, our members.


All of our committees are doing some exceptional work but I would like to highlight some clarifications made in the scholarships from our Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Committee and our Global Communications Group.  First I should make certain that everyone realizes that these committees grew out of what were formerly known as the Diversity Committee and the International Committee. The committees and the Board recognized that these names better served their charges and the board happily voted to rename them.  


During our meeting at the end of last year, the Board made a commitment to increase the amount of money that we were allocating for scholarships. We felt that—as we are an organization that is committed to educating and strengthening the Voice community—we wanted to have scholarship funds available to our membership that equalled the expenses needed by the Board for operations. With that, these two committees have worked to clarify their scholarships.


During our meeting at the end of last year, the Board made a commitment to increase the amount of money that we were allocating for scholarships. We felt that—as we are an organization that is committed to educating and strengthening the Voice community—we wanted to have scholarship funds available to our membership that equaled the expenses needed by the Board for operations. With that, the EDI and Global Outreach Committees have worked so that their scholarships better compliment one another. In the simplest terms, the EDI Conference Scholarships are intended for people who live in the region where the conference is held while the the Global Travel Awards are intended for people who live outside of the region where the conference is held.  

The EDI scholarships are to provide for practitioners from underrepresented or historically marginalized populations. To qualify, one should identify as a member of an underrepresented group (including, but not limited to race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, differently-abled, and/or gender identification) and/or be practitioners who are non-native English speakers. This is to help encourage members of an underrepresented group from the country hosting the conference.  


I also want to give a quick shout out to Kendra Kingsbury and her committee who are planning this year’s annual conference in Orlando. Disney may claim to be the happiest place on the planet but Orlando, as a major tourist destination, has presented its own particular challenges to them.  Luckily, they are doing an outstanding job and rising to the occasion. I am excited about the key presenters they have planned but I think I should leave it to the committee to unveil them.


As this is a year when we are re-joining the Association for Theatre in Higher Education (ATHE), I hope that you consider continuing your stay in Orlando to explore that conference as well.  VASTA has a unique tie with ATHE; many of our newer members may not know the history. Though the origins of VASTA culminated during days of the American Theatre Association, VASTA has been firmly tied to ATHE as a Focus Group since ATHE’s inception.  Until 2003, VASTAs conferences were always in conjunction with the ATHE conference--either as a pre-conference or post-conference. It was in 2004, when we chose to have our conference in a different city, that we began to include member presentations alongside the key presenters. However, as a Focus Group, we have continued to promote presentations by our members at ATHE. These ATHE presentations also offer unique opportunities: the ability to have multi-disciplinary panels and workshops with other Focus Groups of ATHE.  This gestation of ideas from the other 22 (and hopefully, soon, 23) areas can offer some wonderful insights of our lively art. I, also,  always enjoy intermingling with colleagues from other disciplines. I hope you consider checking it out.


Lastly, as always, please get in touch with me if you have any thoughts or suggestions for the organization. I can be reached at or please send me a note at


Breathe and be well,




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Letter from the Editor

Hollace Starr 


Hello, mighty VASTA!Photo of Hollace Starr, Editor of VASTA Voice

It's an honor to take the torch from Lauren Murphy Yeoman and become the new Editor for The VASTA Voice, and also to pass my Associate Editor torch to our new Associate Editor - allow me to introduce Ann Marie Pollard! Welcome, Ann Marie.

You can learn a little more about Ann Marie in the new associate introduction found below. Please also take a look at Ann Marie's member news introduction, as this blurb contains information about member news submissions for future issues.

For those of you that may be new to VASTA, a reminder that The VASTA Voice newsletter is currently being released four times a year (this year’s issues are March, June, September and December). Within each issue you will find committee and conference updates as well as individual Member News updates.  Later this year, the newsletter will feature rotating articles from our "VASTA MD" and "Freelance Coaching" contributors. Should you have an idea for an article, or even possibly a new column for the newsletter, please email me your suggestions at

This issue contains many important announcements about initiatives and scholarships.  Many of the deadlines are quickly approaching, some as early as April 1st (this coming Monday!), so read carefully and respond accordingly.  We also have some information about our annual conferences, as well as information about developments within our committees.

I look forward to corresponding with you over the rest of 2019, and hopefully seeing you in person in Orlando!

Many thanks,

Hollace Starr

Editor, The VASTA Voice


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New Associate Introduction

Ann Marie Pollard

Hello VASTA!

Thank you for the opportunity to serve as your Associate Newsletter Editor. I'm excited to learn from Hollace and to learn more about you as I update our Member News Submissions.

I'm currently serving as the Resident Voice Coach at the Nebraska Repertory Theatre and as an Assistant Professor of Practice in Voice, Movement, and Acting at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Prior to my 2018 move to Nebraska, I was honored to be finishing my MFA from the Central School, first under the tutelage  of Jane Boston, Daron Oram, and Deborah Garvey, and then with great guidance from D'Arcy Smith at the University of Cincinnati.

I'm proud to be heading into Part II of the Linklater Designation (Vocal Vision 2020!) and to have been mentored by Claudia Anderson for the last three years.

Looking forward to connecting with you in Orlando and online!

Ann Marie Pollard

Associate Editor, The VASTA Voice


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Committee Chair Updates

Awards and Grants Committee

Committee ChairBarry Kur


The deadline for VASTA's Clyde Vinson Memorial Scholarship is only days away!

VASTA's Clyde Vinson Memorial Scholarship includes:

  • one year free membership
  • waiver of conference fee
  • up to $500 for travel to the VASTA Conference
  • a $500 award

Nominations for the scholarship must be made in writing by a VASTA member; your letter of nomination is a vital part of the decision making process. Nomination letters, no more than two pages in length, should be an in depth account of how you know the nominee and why you believe he/she will make an exemplary voice and speech trainer.


This scholarship is intended for pre-career or very early career voice/speech trainers. The nominees must either be currently engaged in preparatory work as a voice/speech trainer, or have less than three years employment experience as a voice/speech trainer. 


Deadline for application is April 1.


For further application details:



Photo of Rockford Samson

The VASTA Awards, Scholarships and Grants Committee is pleased to announce that Rockford Sansom is the recipient of the 2019 Member-Sponsored Appreciation Award.  He was nominated by Kendra Kingsbury who commended him for his service as Editor-in-Chief of the Voice and Speech Review. Rockford will receive funding to cover the registration fee for the 2019 VASTA Annual Conference.


Congratulations, Rockford!


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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Committee Chair: Joy Lanceta Coronel


The Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Committee is proud to announce the 2019 VASTA Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Conference Travel Scholarships. As an organization, VASTA values the benefit of hearing the voices and ideas of a diverse group of practitioners. These scholarships will provide an opportunity for practitioners within the U.S. and Canada to attend the VASTA Conference.

This year the conference will be held in Orlando, Florida - August 4-7, 2019   
VASTA will offer:

One $750 scholarship to early career voice practitioners (adjuncts, lecturers, & freelancers.)
One $500 scholarship to a graduate student.
Each recipient's conference fee will be waived (a $350 value)

Applicants need not be current VASTA members. 
The Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Conference Travel Scholarships are intended for: 

A member who demonstrates a need
Practitioners who have attended no more than one conference.
U.S./Canada residents only

You are eligible for the Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Scholarships if you identify as a member of an underrepresented group including, but not limited to: 
  • race
  • ethnicity
  • religion
  • sexual orientation
  • differently-abled
  • gender identification
  • and/or practitioners who are non-native English speakers.

Applicants will be reviewed and voted on by members of the VASTA Diversity Committee. In the case of a tie, the Committee Chair will make a final decision. 

Scholarship recipients will be asked to write for the VASTA newsletter about their experience at the conference, or how their experience at the conference affected their subsequent work. Scholarship recipients will be invited to serve on the Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Committee. 

The deadline to apply is April 15, 2019. Applicants may submit their form on VASTA's website here.


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Interdisciplinary Engagement Committee

Committee Chair: Colton Weiss

The Interdisciplinary Engagement Committee is delighted to announce this years KCACTF regional winners!


2019 VASTA Award for Vocal Excellence Recipients:


Region 1: Christina Morris (SUNY Potsdam)

Region 2: Katie Lemmen (Suffolk County Community College)

Region 3: Joshua Lloyd (Saginaw Valley State University)

Region 4: Chase Rivers (North Carolina Central University)

Region 5: Alyce Wilson (State Fair Community College)

Region 6: Sedia Ariah Woods (Sul Ross State University)

Region 7: Bryce Gowey (University of Idaho)

Region 8: Jasia Topete (East Los Angeles College)


Each recipient receives a free 1 year membership to VASTA.


The committee extends a massive thank you to the 2019 VASTA Representatives who judged each regional festival!

Erica Hughes, Foster Johns, Joy Lanceta Coronel, Cliff Miller, Evan Mueller, Lee Nishri-Howitt, Elizabeth van den Berg, and Michael Yurchak


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Teaching and Learning Committee

Committee Chair: Diane Robinson

The Teaching & Learning Committee is gearing up for our next VSR Book Club Zoom meeting and will announce a date and an article for discussion soon!  Also underway are plans to build a questionnaire for academic Search Committee chairs, asking for their insights into the best submissions for voice teaching positions.


Some members of the Teaching & Learning Committee are enrolling in a Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SOTL) Committee project for 2019-2020.  Although the VASTA Board has passed on making it a VASTA-endorsed project, once the SOTL intensive is underway and enrollees develop their research ideas, we have word that VASTA may be interested in a presentation from us at the Sydney 2020 VASTA conference. Our next TLC Zoom meeting is coming up on March 29 at 10:00 am CST, so email if you'd like to get the link.

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Global Communications Group

Committee Chair: Indira Pensado

 The Global Communications Group is proud to announce the 2019 VASTA Conference Global Travel Awards


As an organization, VASTA values the benefit of hearing the voices and ideas of practitioners from all over the world. These awards will provide an opportunity for practitioners outside of North America to attend the VASTA Conference in Orlando, Florida - August 4-7.

VASTA will offer:

One $750 Global Travel Award to a professional voice practitioner outside North America.
One $750 scholarship to a graduate student outside North America.

In addition, the recipient's conference fee will be waived.

Applicants need not be current VASTA members. 

The Global Travel Awards are intended for: 

  • A member who demonstrates a need
  • Practitioners who have attended no more than one conference.
  • Residents outside of Canada & the United States.

Applicants will be reviewed and voted on by members of VASTA's Global Communication Group. In the case of a tie, the Committee Chair will make a final decision.

Award recipients will be asked to write for the VASTA newsletter about their experience at the conference, or how their experience at the conference affected their subsequent work.

Award recipients will be invited to serve on the Global Communications Group.

Please submit applications to

The deadline to apply is April 15, 2019.

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Business and Corporate Consulting (BizCorp) Committee

Committee Chair: Dolly May





BizCore now offers easy access to the recordings of previous trainings! Instead of having to be emailed access to the Drive, now all you need to do is log into your VASTA account!

Go to

Enter your username and password

Hover the mouse over "MEMBERSHIP."

Hover the mouse over "MEMBERS' ONLY RESOURCES"

Hover the mouse over "BizCore"

Click on "Training Recordings" and you're there! Click on the buttons to view any of the recordings.


We hope you take advantage of this awesome membership perk and join the BizCore Community.

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Conference And Membership Updates

VASTA 2019 Conference - Connectors, Communicators & Culture


Conference Registration Opens on the 1 April 2019!

Snag the Early-Bird special at $275 through 31 May 2019

After 1 June 2019, the cost of the conference will be $350 for members, $450 for non-members.

Student and Retiree pricing will be $225.


Keep an eye on the VASTA website for more information!

ALSO: The Conference Planning Committee wants to hear from you! Help take VASTA's annual conferences to the next level.


  • Speakers
  • Performers
  • Things the planning committee should consider
  • Theme Ideas
  • Location Ideas
  • ETC. ETC. ETC.

To help us continue building great conferences and a solid voice community, fill out this form HERE


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Stacey Cabaj


Dear VASTA Community,

ATHE has sent out proposal acceptances for the August 2019 Conference in Orlando and we are excited about the various VASTA Focus Group workshops and presentations. We look forward to seeing all of your work!

We are now seeking proposals for the VASTA Focus Group Debut Panel. You’re eligible for the debut panel if you've never presented at ATHE before (you're still eligible if you've presented at other conferences though.)

Proposals can be for short presentations, hands-on voice and speech exercises, and/or paper topics, about 20 minutes each. Please submit a 1-2 paragraph description of your paper or workshop directly to Stacey Cabaj ( no later than April 1, 2019. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Please let us know if either you, a colleague/professional or graduate student in the field might be interested in presenting. Keep in mind this is an opportunity for VASTA to feature teachers/artists that might not present otherwise.

See you in Orlando from August 7-11 for VASTA @ ATHE


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Voice and Speech Review

Rockford Sansom

Hello, VASTA members, 


The March 2019 (13.1) issue of the Voice and Speech Review (VSR) is available now on the VSR’s Routledge website. (See login instructions below.) This is a special issue called The History of Voice Pedagogy. We are excited to offer unique historical perspectives on voice training in our first special issue since becoming a Routledge journal in 2012.


We have several announcements:


1. July 1, 2019 is the early deadline for the 2020 volume


The next deadline for general article drafts is July 1, 2019. The 2019 volume is closed. All new submissions are for 2020 consideration. The journal processes articles in the order they are received. Early submission is greatly encouraged.

Click here for the call for papers.


2. Author Resources


The VSR has a host of resources to help potential authors! Some of these include:

  • A Guide to Publishing in the VSR - This document goes over the publication process and answers many questions. 
  • VSR Style Guide - This document gives an overview of how to format an article and how to cite and reference.
  • VSR Submission Template - This document shows how the article should be formatted and gives an example article. 
  • Ideas for Articles – This resource gives ideas and outlines for various VSR article series.

Click here for author resources.


Please let me know if you have any questions, would like any further information, or would like to get involved in the VSR.


Most sincerely,


Rockford Sansom, Editor


Sample Articles from March 2019 (13.1) – Available Now  


Theatre-Voice Pedagogy within the Royal Shakespeare Company: A Historical Perspective by Lyn Darnley


A Historical View of the Pedagogy of Public Speaking by Erika Bailey


Historical Landmarks in Singing Voice Pedagogy by Matthew Hoch


Make the Door Open: Groundbreaking African American Teachers of Singing by Carl Du Pont


The History of the Voice and Speech Trainers Association (VASTA) by Adrianne Moore


The Rationale and History of Vocology by Ingo R. Titze


To Access the VSR Online


1) Go to the VASTA homepage (

2) Scroll to find “Click Here for VSR Online Access” on the right

3) Login

4) “Click to Read the VSR Online”


More Information about the VSR


About the VSR

Editorial Board 

Call for Papers

Author Guidelines 

Book and Media Review Information

Frequently Asked Questions 

Resources for Authors 

VSR Awards 


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Member News

Ann Marie Pollard

Please find Member News from members with last names A-H.

The following are the Member News submission dates for the remainder of 2019:

Members with last names beginning with: I, J, K, L, M - Submit by May 15th (for our June Issue)

Members with last names beginning with: N, O, P, Q, R, S - Submit by August 15th (for our September Issue)

Members with last names beginning with: T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z - Submit by November 15th (for our December Issue)

Member News should be emailed to Ann Marie at for publishing. Please attach a jpg photo to your email and adhere to the following format for your submission:

Font: Times New Roman, Size 12 Font
YOUR NAME IN ALL CAPS (Location City, State or Country)
Book Titles: italics
Play Titles: italics
Articles: quotation marks
Journals: italics

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions, at

Thank you very much!                                                                                          

Ann Marie Pollard                                                                                     

Associate Editor, The VASTA Voice

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ERIC ARMSTRONG (Toronto, Canada) Eric had another busy year as the Acting Area Coordinator for BFA Faculty and Actors at York University where he continues to teach voice, speech, text and accents to the BFA and MFA Actors, and serve on a large numbers of committees at all levels of the university. He and colleague Shannon Vickers (Winnipeg) continue to work on their Indigenous Accents project, with the help of research assistant Katie German; they hope to present on the topic at this year’s Orlando conference. Productions this year included coaching Japanese language on Episodes 101-103 of The October Faction for Netflix, and the preparation of materials for 10 languages for Star Trek: Discovery.  Though Eric missed this year’s VASTA conference [????] , a highlight was  participating in the first Canadian Theatre Educators' Conference, held in Toronto in July. Professional Development continues apace with 5 KTS Webinars, and a workshop on Intimacy Coaching with Siobhan Richardson.


ROBIN ARONSON (Hattiesburg, MS) is a Professor of Voice and Acting at the University of Southern Mississippi and currently serving as Immediate Past President of the Lessac Training and Research Institute. This past summer, Robin led a Lessac Kinesensics voice and body workshop at the Philippine Educational Theatre Association (PETA) in Manila and will be returning this August. Most recently, Robin performed the role of Fraulein Schneider in Cabaret at Southern Miss. Robin is travelling to Dublin, Ireland this month and teaching Lessac Kinsensics Voice and Body Workshop at The Gaiety School of Acting.



LINDA BISESTI (Los Angeles, CA.) Professor Bisesti continues her work as Head of Acting in the B. A. program in the Department of Theatre and New Dance at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona.  In addition, Linda had the honor of directing the MFA Third year students in Two Noble Kinsmen, at the Mary Baldwin University’s Shakespeare and Performance Program. The Bards Ablaze Theatre Collective performed it in February in the beautiful Blackfriars Theatre at the American Shakespeare Center in Staunton, Virginia. Linda is the Artistic Director of The Southern California Shakespeare Festival, SCSF,  in residence at Cal Poly Pomona, which is celebrating their 15th Season this coming summer with their  production of Titus Andronicus. She continues to coach in Los Angeles as a Designated Linklater Voice Teacher and work as an actor in the TV and Film industry. AEA, SAG-AFTRA.



KATE BRENNAN, DLT (Oklahoma City, OK) is in the midst of her fourth year at Oklahoma City University where she was promoted to Associate Professor of Voice & Acting. Her play What’s in Store just received a reading at HBMG’s National Winter Playwrights Retreat where she was a guest artist for the third year running. Her musical ALiEN8, co-written with David Lee White and developed with McCarter Theatre’s Education and Outreach Program, is slated for a premiere with Drexel University in November 2019.  She just released the podcast, Fair Play, with her company Ignition Arts ( which highlights plays that feature gender parity or more roles for women.


CANDICE BROWN, MFA, AEA (Boston, MA) Associate Professor, Musical Theater Division at The Boston Conservatory at Berklee.  Currently, Dialects for Escaped Alone by Caryl Churchill and Come and Go by Samuel Beckett at Gamm Theater and Cabaret by Kander and Ebb at The Boston Conservatory at Berklee. Also this season, Dialects for: The Night Watch By Hattie Naylor & Sarah Waters, Night of the Iguana by Tennessee Williams for Gamm Theater, Pride and Prejudice by Kate Hamill adapted from the novel by Jane Austen for Trinity Repertory Company. And, in November, Candice appeared as Robyn in The Roommate by Jen Silverman for Lyric Stage Company of Boston. Candice teaches Voice and Speech in the BFA MT and MFA MT division and acting in the Musical Theater Summer Dance Intensive at Boston Conservatory at Berklee.  She is the owner and operator of VoiceWorks studio in Milton, MA.


GIGI BUFFINGTON:  King Kong Live On Broadway, Straight White Men (Broadway), Mary Page Marlowe (Second Stage Kiser), Noura (Playwrights Horizons), Pass Over (LCT3); Uncle Romeo Vanya Juliet (Bedlam),Steppenwolf Theatre Company Vocal Coach: A Doll’s House Part 2, Linda Vista (co production with CTG Mark Taper Forum), Familiar, Downstate (co production with The National Theatre of London), The Doppelgänger, Guards at the Taj; She is currently directing The Wolves for The Meisner Studio at Tisch.  Coming up next at Steppenwolf: The Children, A new play by Tarrell McCraney; True West.



ELISA CARLSON (Atlanta, GA) is Professor at the University of North Georgia.  Last summer/fall, Elisa coached David Caitlin’s production of Midsummer Night’s Dream and the premiere of Nick’s Flamingo Grill at the Alliance Theatre, The Cake at the Alley, and Woman in Mind for the UDel/REP, and finished work in post for  Damien Chazelle’s film First Man, for which she was dialect/historic voices coach for all leading actors.  Next up as a coach will be Crimes of the Heart at the Alley, directed by Teresa Rebeck.  She acted in The Book of Will for Theatrical Outfit, and this week opens her production of Men on Boats for GTA.  Her new website is




MEREDITH COLBY (Chicago, IL) trains individuals and groups in utilizing Neuro-Vocal Method. The neurology-based teaching method for healthy phonation is described in her book MONEY NOTES: How to Sing High, Loud, Healthy, and Forever (Wise Ink Publishing, 2017). Meredith has been teaching CCM/Popular styles for over 30 years, and will introduce online training for teachers and students this year.  Her class, Introduction to Neuro-Vocal Method is available through Teachable beginning March 15. Meredith's blog, Vocalling, and monthly newsletter, Money Notes Notebook, are available via her website,



RENA COOK (Tulsa, OK) is celebrating  3 years of building her training consultancy Vocal Authority. She recently conducted a seminar “The Expressive Litigator” for DRI – Women in Law National Conference in San Diego. In LA she shared voice work with Actors’ Studio West. She also taught a retreat for the Women Lawyer Coalition on “Empowerment.” She did a TEDxOU talk called “Power Without Press: Foundations of Authentic Communication.” Her work with women running for office was highlighted in a New York Public Radio podcast call the “United states of Anxiety,” Season 3 Episode 9. She continues to teach Directing on the University of Houston’s Summer MA for Drama Teachers.


KRISTI DANA (Dallas, TX) is enjoying her second semester as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Voice and Speech at Southern Methodist University, teaching BFA and MFA actors. At SMU, Kristi was vocal coach in the fall for The Cherry Orchard and is currently vocal coaching As You Like It. She is excited to become more involved with the Dallas theatre community and will be performing in April/May in Undermain Theatre’s world premiere of Matthew Paul Olmos’ so go the ghosts of méxico, part three. Kristi has been dashing back to NYC frequently to train with Miller Voice Method’s inaugural certification class and will complete certification in June 2019. She will also return to the Michael Chekhov Association’s International Workshop this summer as an accepted member of the advanced scene study track taught by MICHA master teacher Ted Pugh. Kristi began her appointment as a VASTA Board Member in August, and is thrilled to play an active role in our incredibly important organization.


KATE DeVORE (Chicago) continues to offer voice and presence coaching through her business, Total Voice, Inc. In the past few months she has served as dialect coach for the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time at Steppenwolf Theatre Company, Beauty and the Beast and Mamma Mia! at Drury Lane, and A Christmas Carol at the Goodman Theatre. She also was voice coach for Small Mouth Sounds at A Red Orchid Theatre, did some vocal training for the touring company of Second City, and gave a Voice and Presence workshop to trainers at the Kansas Leadership Center. She is looking forward to coaching dialects for West Side Story this spring at the Lyric Opera.


MICHA ESPINOSA, (Phoenix, AZ) Associate Professor at Arizona State University- Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts, Master Fitzmaurice Teacher and member of the VASTA board is currently the visiting voice and text coach at Oregon Shakespeare Festival (OSF).  She is coaching Octavio Solis’ world premiere of Mother Road directed by Bill Rauch and the newly envisioned Hairspray directed by Chris Moore. She will finish out her season at OSF working on the bilingual Comedia of Errors also directed by Bill Rauch. Other coaching credits for 2018/19: In the Heights directed by May Andrales at Milwaukee Repertory, Henry the V, Part I directed by Asia Osborne and Romeo and Juliet directed by Patrick Walsh at Southwest Shakespeare. Her 2nd resource guide, Scenes for Latinx Actors: Voices of the New American Theatre (co-editor, Cynthia Decure) is now available through Smith and Krause and on Amazon. In the last six months, Professor Espinosa has taught in Lithuania, Argentina, Australia, and Singapore and will be returning to the Shanghai Theatre Academy.  She performed two new trans-border feminist pieces at La Pocha Nostra’s Glosonomia Festival in Mexico City and at the Bi-National Encuentro in Tucson, Arizona. This summer, she looks forward to teaching in the XVI Fitzmaurice Teaching Certification.


JANET MADELLE FEINDEL, MFA, Designated Linklater Voice; Certified Fitzmaurice Voice; AmSAT; CanSTAT; ATI, Professor Emeritus Voice/Alexander and Dialect Coach, Carnegie Mellon University School of Drama.   She was awarded an honorary lifetime membership from the Pacific Voice and Speech Foundation (PVSF), San Francisco for her "exemplary contributions to the care and pedagogy of the artistic voice." Feindel led workshops at PVSF, the International Congress on the Alexander Technique, Chicago; Freedom to Act Conference, NYC; assisted Penny O'Connor in Summer Alexander course, Alonnisos & led a workshop for One Lease Theatre, Greece;  served as presenting coach at the Care of the Professional Voice Symposium, Philadelphia; participant in AT Teacher's Exchange, Vermont and an interdisciplinary Alexander Technique and Presenting Skills summer course, which she designed, at Carnegie Mellon. She currently has a private practice and has taught at John Abbott College (where she coached the Laramie Project) and Concordia acting programs, Montreal. She participated in a bilingual reading of plays at the Centaur Theatre, sponsored by Playwrights Workshop Montreal and Centre des Auteurs Dramatiques.


LINDA GATES, MA (Chicago, IL) is Head of Voice and Senior Lecturer in the Department of Theatre at Northwestern University. Her latest book Speaking in Shakespeare’s Text: A Guide for American Actors is being published by Northwestern University Press and will be out in May 2019.   Last summer she directed Much Ado About Nothing and taught voice/speech/text for Shakespeare at the Prague Shakespeare Summer Intensive in Prague, CZ where next summer she will direct All’s Well That Ends Well and play the Countess.


DANIEL GOTT, MFA (No fixed address, UK Citizen). Daniel presented his work on voice, impulse, and full-body listening at the 2017 VASTA conference in Singapore with aid from the international graduate scholarship. Subsequently, he has worked extensively abroad with The Communications University of China (Beijing), KIMEP University (Almaty, Kazakhstan), and on a self-employed basis across Japan, Spain, and the Republic of Ireland. Hot off the back of work with Bred in the Bone Theatre Company in Paris, he is preparing for a spring tour of the USA and Canada, before returning to work in Palestine in the fall. North American practitioners interested in collaboration or hosting workshops over the coming months can contact Daniel via his website at




JOE HETTERLY, BFA (New York, NY) just finished teaching his first semester at SUNY Purchase, Conservatory of Theatre Arts as a Lecturer of Voice and Speech covering a class for the wonderful Maggie Surovell. He is currently part of the Voice and Speech faculty at New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts where he teaches the first and second semester students. He recently published an article, "The Current Use of Standard Dialects in Speech Practice and Pedagogy: A Mixed Method Study Examining the VASTA Community in the United States” for the Voice and Speech Review co-written with Melissa Tonning-Kollwitz. He also works at Avalon Artists Group as the Senior Agency Assistant and is excited to announce that he was selected to serve as the Early Career Leadership Representative for VASTA with Ann Marie Pollard for the 2018-2019 year.



ALLISON HETZEL, (University of Alabama Tuscaloosa, AL) this past year took her solo show, Step Mama Drama!  to the 2018 Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and is seeking additional performance opportunities for this solo work.  Allison had the pleasure of collaborating with her colleague in Creative Writing, Professor Wendy Rawlings, and was thrilled to voice her short story titled Coffins for Kids; a sound link has been published online at The Kenyon Review. She keeps busy coordinating and coaching the freshman showcase, assisting with productions as a vocal coach, and recruiting for her department. Allison is in her thirteenth year in the Department of Theatre and Dance and has been teaching at Arts and Autism for the past nine years.

MATTHEW HOCH, DMA (Auburn, Alabama) is currently in his seventh year as associate professor of voice at Auburn University. His 2018 publications include articles in the Journal of Voice, Journal of Singing, Classical Singer, and Kodály Envoy; book chapters in So You Want to Sing Light Opera and A Voice Teacher’s Cookbook: Creative Recipes for Singers; and an edited volume entitled So You Want to Sing CCM. Matt presented and performed at several national conferences, including NATS in Las Vegas, AGO in Kansas City, CMS in Vancouver, and the Music by Women Festival in Columbus, Mississippi. He also presented recitals and master classes at several colleges and universities, including the University of South Carolina, Mississippi State University, Iowa State University, University of Northern Iowa, University of Montevallo, Kennesaw State University, Coe College, Covenant College, and Berry College; and performed the bass solos in Handel’s "Messiah" with Griffin Choral Arts in Georgia and the Chattanooga Bach Choir in Tennessee. During the Spring 2018 semester, Matt presented recitals and master classes in the United Arab Emirates and was awarded the Auburn University College of Liberal Arts Teaching Excellence Award.


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VASTA Board of Directors & Officer

Board of Directors

Michael Barnes
2018 - 2020

Betty Moulton
Past President 
2018 - 2020

Pamela Prather
President Elect
2016 - 2018





Micha Espinosa

Cynthia DeCure

Daron Oram

Julia Guichard

Kristi Dana

Antonio Ocampo-Guzman





Tamara Meneghini-Stalker  

Nancy Bos
Director of Operations
2018- 2019

Rockford Sansom
Editor-in-Chief, The Voice & Speech Review

Kate Glasheen
Reviews Editor, The Voice & Speech Review

Hollace Starr
Editor, The VASTA Voice

Ann Marie Pollard
Associate Editor, The VASTA Voice

Thrasso Petras
Director of Membership Services

Kendra Kingsbury
Directors of Annual Conferences

Cynthia DeCure
ATHE Conference Planner

Erin Washington

Associate ATHE Conference Planner

Stacey Cabaj
ATHE Focus Group Conference Planner

Rene Pulliam
ATHE Focus Group Representative

Jeremy Sortore
Human Resources Director

Lynn Watson
Investments Officer

Adriano Cabral
Director of Technology/Web Services 

Kendra Kingsbury
Associate Director of Technololgy
2017 -

Ann Marie Pollard
Early Career Leadership

Yolanda Heman-Ackah

 Associate Officers

Amy Stoller
Editor, VASTA Links Page

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Editor, Workshop & Events Page

Janet B. Rodgers
VASTA Archivist 

Brad Gibson

Foster Johns
Social Media Content Manager







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Barry Kur
 Awards and Grants Committee

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 Diversity Committee

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Interdisciplinary Engagement Committee

Diane Robinson
Teaching and Learning Committee

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Global Membership Group

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Business and Corporate Consulting Group





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