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As of 2012, for enquiries about reprints, please contact the Taylor & Francis Author Services team at reprints@tandf.co.uk. For VSR authors, to order a copy of the issue containing your article, please contact the Routledge Customer Services team at Adhoc@tandf.co.uk.


Nevertheless, for Volumes 1 (2000) through 7 (2011), some print copies may still be available at various online stores, but the availability decreases with each passing year. See below for more detail:  


Volumes 4-7 may be available through University Readers.
Volumes 1-3 may be available through Amazon.com.


Issue 7, A World of Voice

Edited by Dudley Knight, this volume contains 41 articles from experts all over the world centered on vocal use between and within cultures, plus other topics including: Translating Shakespeare, Health for the Aging Voice, Public Speaking Research, Code Switching in Vocal Use, Breathing Methods for Singing, Accent Reduction Analysis, Classical Rhetoric Nomenclature, Verse Exploration through Singing, Standard Speech Issues, Definitions of Vocality, Speech Training History, Crossover Singing Technique, Communication Archetypes, Trans-Gender Voice Training and Classical Text Scansion. Book reviews, abstracts, and sources are also included.

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Issue 6, The Moving Voice

In The Moving Voice: the Integration of Voice and Movement Studies, editor Rena Cook brings together more than 70 cutting edge articles on a broad range of current issues in the field voice studies. This issue of VSR has been a confluence of events and people generating passion, process, scholarship and almost 400,000 words. Topics range from coaching stereotypes with sensitivity to diversity issues, from presenting effective workshops to the importance of adequate hydration, from the thorny issue of touch in the studio and the integration of body and vocal pedagogies.

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Issue 5, Voice and Gender

This monograph brings together more than fifty cutting edge articles on a broad range of current issues in the field. Voice and Gender explores the relationship between vocal expression and gender identity and the norms associated with gendered roles. The text questions gender norms and examines how they may inhibit our range of expression. An emphasis is placed on how the performer and instructor might overcome these barriers in taking on a role outside of their own gender identity. Gender remains one of the most misunderstood and divisive facets of human nature. Voice and Gender challenges readers to reexamine the way they hear, perceive, and express the concept of gender and sexual identity within their performance as well as in their own lives.

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Issue 4, Shakespeare around the Globe

This collection brings together more than fifty cutting edge articles on a broad range of current issues in the field. Shakespeare Around the Globe compiles articles from top professionals in Shakespearian performance on the role of voice and speech as it pertains to the stage, the screen, and cultural exchange. It examines the process and craft of bringing text to life as an experience for the performer and audience alike. Emphasis is placed upon exploring one’s own voice as well as teaching others to find their own, or that of their character, making this text perfect for students of voice and performance as well as students of voice training.

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Information on all VASTA titles at University Readers.

Issues 1 -3 of the Voice & Speech Review are available through Amazon.com and Applause Books.

Issue 3: Film, Broadcast, & E-Media Coaching

This book features 67 articles from experts all over the world on the theme of coaching actors for performances in film, broadcast and e-media. Covers a wide variety of topics, from Breathing Principles & Pedagogy to Dialect/Accent Studies to Private Studio Practice.

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Issue 2: The Voice in Violence

This collection focuses on the voice in stage violence, addressing such questions as: • How does one scream safely? • What are the best ways to orchestrate voices in complex battle scenes? • How to voice coaches work collaboratively with fight directors and the rest of the creative team? • What techniques are used to re-voice violent stunt scenes on film? • How accurate are actor presentations of extreme emotion? • What is missing from many portrayals of domestic violence? Written by leading theatre voice and speech coaches, the volume contains 63 articles, essays, interviews and reviews covering a wide variety of professional concerns.

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Issue 1: Standard Speech

Standard Speech is an anthology of essays on a variety of topics of interest to actors, voice and speech teachers. Exploring the idea of what should be the standards for good speech this volume offers views from more than 40 top experts on the subject. Also essays on Coaching, Singing, Vocal Health, Verse and Dialect Accent studies. A must for the serious student of voice and speech.

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