June 10, 2019

Expressive Actor: 5 Day Training Intensive

Workshop Leader/Facilitator:

Michael Lugering, Master Teacher


Vocal Production

Dates & Times:

6/10-14, 2019

Physical Address:

University of Nevada Las Vegas
Department of Theatre
4505 Maryland Parkway
Box 455036
Las Vegas, Nevada 89154-5036
Building: Ulta Ham Fine Arts Building
Room: 124
(HFA 124


The Expressive Actor Training is an ideal step-by-step approach for self-instruction, classroom exploration and practical application in rehearsal and performance. Developed by master teacher Michael Lugering, this forward-looking approach brings together voice, movement and basic acting skills in an integrated and interdisciplinary training method. The exercises and improvisations are simple, repeatable, ideal for daily preparation and can be practiced alone or with others to keep the actor’s instrument ready for the diverse demands placed on contemporary performers. Whether you act Shakespeare or Sondheim, Moliere or Mamet, big screen or small screen, this innovated approach simultaneously trains the mind and body for integrated and authentic human expression.

Architecture of an Expressive Action
An expressive action is a flexible and adaptable physical action that is enlisted in the direct service of the expression of thought and feeling. A study of expressive action is rooted in an exploration of a shift of weight. The actor explores all the various sensory properties that unite in the creation of a weight shift—its energy, orientation, size, progression, flow, direction, speed, weight, control and focus. These sensory properties are the physical raw materials that make the expression of thought and feeling possible. When embodied the actor emerges with a flexible and dynamic instrument in direct contact with sensation that is hard-wired to play expressive actions. 

Voice and Body Work
The Voice and Body Exercises progress sequentially from lying, to sitting, to standing, and finally to upright locomotive movement. Each exercise integrates a series of moving, panting, sighing, hissing, buzzing and sounding actions. Through integrated physical action, the actor’s instrument is simultaneously sensitized, liberated, strengthened and developed. The goal is to re-structure the physical patterns present in the body for the playing of integrated full-bodied expressive action. 

Stacking is an improvisatory process in which an expressive action is built from the ground-up. The actor investigates a weight-shift influence on a breath-shift, a sound-shift and ultimately a speech-shift in integrated human expression.

The workshop is open to participants of all backgrounds and experience.

Cost: $600

Contact Email: michael@expressiveactor.org

Contact Phone: 702-812-4520

Web Address for More Information: http://www.expressiveactor.org/page3/index.html