June 23, 2019

Lessac US Summer Intensive 2019

Workshop Leader/Facilitator:

Crystal Robbins


Vocal Production

Dates & Times:

June 23 - July 19, 2019

Physical Address:

DePauw University
Greencastle, Indiana


4-Week Program
Individual and Small Class Instruction
180 hours of Intensive Training
Certification Opportunities

Is this training for you?
Yes, if you are:
In Theatre Education: College and Secondary Educators, Advanced Students
A Performance Professional: Actors, Directors, Musical Performers
In Communications: Broadcasters and Presenters

Kinesensic training is a self-teaching, sensory-based process based on feeling the way the human body functions naturally when it is free of adverse conditioning. It then uses those physical sensations to identify, produce and voluntarily control the voice and body.

What do you get?
Body Alignment and Breathing
Breath Support and Breath Control
Body energies: Potency, Buoyancy, Radiancy, Interinvolvement
Body movement and body aesthetics
Body conditioning and physical fitness
Body Characterization
Natural relaxers and energizers
The Body’s Natural Pain Relievers

Voice Training
The Consonant Energy Orchestra:
Fluent intelligibility without rote drill
Melodies, rhythms, and sustained tonal colors
Variety and Contrast
Structural Energy:
Optimal, flexible mouth space for all speech and singing sounds
Relaxed and energized jaw, tongue, lips, throat, larynx
Quality production and identification of all vowels
Increased sound-wave reflection for enhanced tonal quality
Tonal Energy:
Bone conducted vocal resonance for quality vocal tone
Development of full dynamic pitch range
Control of projection for stage, microphone, and personal use in intimate, social, or formal situations
Development of the male and female voices for speech and singing
Text and Subtext Explorations: Connecting body and vocal energies to the emotional experiencing system
Tono-Sensory Phonetic System: Providing organic instructions for producing quality vowels and consonants

Cost: $3850.00

(discount for members of the Lessac Training and Research Institute)

Contact Email: tgood@depauw.edu

Contact Phone: 765-658-4486

Web Address for More Information: https://lessacinstitute.org/workshops/lessac-summer-intensive-2019/