June 7, 2019

Voice & Shakespeare

Workshop Leader/Facilitator:

Judith Shahn & Kimberly White


Vocal Production

Dates & Times:

June 7th: 7-10pm, June 8-9th: 10-5pm

Physical Address:

University of Washington 
Hutchinson Hall
Seattle, Washington 

Breathe, Think, Feel and Speak at the same time-in the same moment. This is the exhilarating challenge of acting Shakespeare!

In this workshop we will do an in-depth exploration of what it means to embody language through a series of vocal and physical exercises that re-awaken and develop the actors’ emotional, imaginative, and sensorial responsiveness to language. At the center of the workshop is the voice: developing the range, power and clarity needed to embody and communicate the depth, subtlety and magnitude of Shakespeare.
Bring a memorized speech you are passionate about, 14-20 verse lines.

“ These women are master teachers, working at the height of their talents. Give yourself the gift of working with them—more than just your voice will be transformed.” Theresa May,  Professor, University of Oregon 

Cost: $300 before May 6th, $325 after

Contact Email: kwhite3218@gmail.com

Contact Phone: 206-251-0761

Web Address for More Information: n/a