July 15, 2019

5-Day Alexander Technique Retreat

Workshop Leader/Facilitator:

Michael Frederick & Geordie MacMinn



Dates & Times:

July 15-20th, 2019 

Physical Address:

University of North Carolina School of the Arts
1533 S. Main Street
Winston-Salem, North Carolina


The Alexander Technique offers a clear look into the principles of human movement, which will guide you to a dynamic, kinesthetic lightness. Your thinking will become clearer, your feelings balanced, your sensations livelier, and your movement more pleasurable. Everything you do will become easier and more balanced.

New students will build a practical foundation in The Alexander Technique

Experienced students will deepen their practice and understanding of this psycho-physical work.

Alexander teacher trainees compliment their training with a mix of qualified international teachers

Alexander teachers enjoy advanced training in Master Classes taught by Senior teachers.


varies; please see website

Contact Email: michaelfrederick123@gmail.com

Contact Phone: (310) 880-7700 

Web Address for More Information: alexandertechniqueworkshops.com