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VASTAvox 2.0 is a Yahoo Group. It is an online community which allows all members to connect and communicate their thoughts and concerns about Voice and Speech. This Group is unmoderated and open to anyone with an interest in voice and speech. VASTA members are encouraged to subscribe.

The Group offers many benefits for its members to communicate with one another. It allows attachments to messages, digests sort by topic, full HTML formatting of messages, and superior archive search capabilities.


Instructions to Join

  1. Go to
  2. Click the JOIN NOW button (upper right corner of your browser).
    1. If you are a already a member of Yahoo, put in your username (most likely Yahoo email address) and password. 
    2. If you are not, follow the steps for setting up a Yahoo account that occur below the log-in area
  3. Once signed in, there are three steps.
    1. Put in Contact information
      1. Select a Yahoo! Profile (most of you won’t have more than one, but you can set up more than one profile if you want different ones for different groups)
      2. Email address.  Most of you will want to click on the link for ADD NEW EMAIL ADDRESS (if you don't want it sent to a Yahoo address).  By following these steps, you can have the Vox sent to your normal email, as it always has been.
        1. Follow the steps for creating a new email. You will need to wait until Yahoo sends you a verification email to the address you have put in.
        2. When you receive the verification email, click the link to activate the email.
        3. Go back to
        4. Click the radio button for the new email address.
    2. Choose Message Delivery
      1. Choose either Individual Email or Digest (digest will bundle all the messages for the day into one message)
    3. Choose Message Preference
      1. Fully Featured --  HTML based, which will allow Unicode font support (for IPA) and the ability to format messages.  (I would choose this)
      2. Traditional – choose this if you have a text based browser.
    4. Type in the confirmation image.


Changing Mailing Preferences

In order to change the way you receive the Vox or to temporarily suspend receiving it.

  1. Go to and sign in with your Yahoo account.
  2. You can go directly to or access it through your regular groups area in Yahoo. 
  3. Click on EDIT MEMBERSHIP (it’s above the fuschia bar and below an ad)
  4. Scroll down to the section that says:  Step 2. Message Delivery
  5. You have multiple choices now.  The default when you sign up is for Individual Emails.   I’ll explain what the others can do.
    1. Individual Email – This means you’ll get a new email every time someone responds to VASTAvox.  Many people prefer getting them one at a time to read them as they come in.
    2. Daily Digest – All the email that goes through the Vox in a day is bundled into one email, then sent.  It has a listing of all messages at the top so that you can see if anything interests you and disregard any that do not.  If you see a message that looks interesting, you can click on the link in the list and it will jump you down to the actual message.  (This is my personal favorite)
    3. Special Notices – You will only get a message when the VASTA Technical Director sends out a special announcement.
    4. Web Only – This is the “I’m totally overwhelmed by all these messages. I can’t take any more coming into my Inbox” setting.  Nothing will be sent to you, but you can go to Yahoo Groups to read everything online. 


VASTAvox Archives


    • Use the email address and the password with which you subscribed to the Vox to enter the archives.
  • To access the VASTAvox archives, pre-2001, go to: and systematically choose dates for archives (they're roughly monthly). Once in an archive, you use the "Find..." command (Ctrl-F on a PC or Cmd-F on a Mac), and search by title or person.



VASTAVOX was originally began as a listserv owned by Dudley Knight at UC-Irvine where members of the voice, speech, acting, and directing communities could discuss, via email, concerns about Voice and Speech. As a part of VASTA's attempts to educate everyone about voice and speech, it was an open list which allowed anyone to join. VASTA members were encouraged to subscribe. VASTA will be forever indebted to Dudley for coming up with this great idea and getting it off the ground.