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VASTA's Conference Planning Committee is excited to announce the

Request for Proposals

for VASTA's Annual Conference in 2019 -

“Connectors, Communicators, and Culture." 

Orlando, Florida, USA - 4-7 August 2019

Embassy Suites Downtown Orlando
Deadline for Submission: Friday, 25 January 2019



In 2019, we are taking VASTA'S Mission to heart:

"VASTA is an international organization whose mission is to advance the art, research, and visibility of the voice and speech profession."

How can we as VASTAN’s do anything without connection and communication? As voice and speech trainers, "we express ourselves and connect with others and learn from each other’s expertise, stories, conversations, and guidance." While opening a window to share and invite others into our own culture, we become better when we connect with and take time to learn and care about others and their cultures. "VASTA has a long-standing commitment to advancing the field, professional development of its members, publishing, mentorship, diversity, advocacy, and international growth."

Our annual conference calls upon VASTAN’s to spearhead collaboration, share your art, your knowledge, and your voice. The 2019 conference theme invites proposals from members who are interested in collaboration and dialogue across topics, methodologies, and different perspectives related to how voice and speech connect and impact cultures and/or communication in business, academia, and life in general. The conference will accommodate paper presentations, workshops, panel discussions, and/or multi-disciplinary sessions.


Proposals should address the questions:

  1. How does your presentation fit in with this theme?

  2. How do you think your workshop/paper/topic might further VASTA's mission?

VASTA will continue to serve the needs of voice and speech specialists, teachers, and students in training and in practice. Suggestions for collaboration might include highlighting the narratives:

  • How connecting educators with business leaders to deliver and share ideas can promote a positive dialogue regarding communication and acceptance.
  • The intersection between connection or communication and its impact on culture.
  • Connections between practitioners who explore voice, movement, speech, and/or acting pedagogies
  • Establishing effective teaching and learning cultures among our students and clients.
  • Experiential workshops combining multiple types of vocal training
  • How can we best train our clients as effective communicators? Do aesthetic or cultural considerations ever stand in the way of vocal communication?
  • The challenges and opportunities for trainers and performers on voice and speech function as expressions of particular cultural identities (e.g. accents, dialects, codeswitching, professional jargon).
  • Gender and culture - Are we exploring new pedagogies, using new technologies, engaging in a meaningful exchange with colleagues to further our students’ development?
  • Intercultural techniques
  • Heritage & Ethnographies
  • Connections between research and practice - What crossovers/partnerships (or opportunities for such) occur (or could occur) in business environments and educational/theatre environments?




Panel discussions will focus on a more in-depth discussion of a topic from the perspective of multiple disciplines and will be invited based on conference content.  If you have specific and relevant ideas for a panel discussion, please fill out this form and the conference director will get back to you.

*WORKSHOPS (approximately 75 min.)

These sessions will be experiential, with a preferred emphasis on innovative and interdisciplinary explorations. Workshops tend to be more physical in nature and the majority of the session should engage attendees with activity. 

*WARM-UP WORKSHOPS (approximately 50-60 minutes)

These sessions will start our mornings and set the tone for the day. Please consider submissions for this category as the Launchpad for VASTA’s day.


*Although there will be a limited number of full-length workshops selected, please consider submitting proposals for our "micro-workshop" option below.


MINI-WORKSHOPS (approximately 20-30 minutes)

Mini-workshops can take a variety of formats: they can be participatory, poster presentations, research papers, clinical practice review, or innovative application of a method.

Think of mini-workshops as a chef’s tasting menu: small, bite-sized presentations of information. Within the allotted time, presenters should introduce and briefly explore/teach/present to rotating groups of 10-20 conference attendees. Please anticipate small spaces and self-supplied technology for these sessions. 

Mini-workshops would be perfect for introducing new concepts or exploring burgeoning ideas, or techniques. 



  • Although the expertise and energy of our members are boundless, the number of available slots for presentations is limited. The conference planning committee will offer the opportunity to present to as many members as possible.
  • All confirmed presenters will be asked to provide an electronic handout and/or written summary no later than August 1st, 2019 to be included in the Conference App.
  • Sessions involving three or more presenters will be given preference. 
  • Selected proposals will be announced by the end of March 2019.


First-time presenter? General questions or thoughts?

The conference planning committee is here to help!

To get in touch with us,

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The theme of Orlando's conference is “Connectors, Communicators, and Culture." How does your presentation fit in with this theme? And how do you think your workshop/paper/topic might further VASTA's mission? *

List 2-4 Learning Objectives (for CEU's) of what participants will be able to DO after your session. Begin with a verb such as Identify, Demonstrate, Evaluate, Integrate, Describe, Define, or Apply.

EXAMPLE: At the end of this session, participants will have an understanding of the basic principles of myofascial release how to apply them when working with the stage voice.

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PAPER PROPOSALS ONLY The Voice and Speech Review wants to consider your paper for publication! To submit a paper for the conference, you need to agree to the following by checking the box.

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