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Awards & Grants Committee

The purpose of the VASTA Endowment Grants and Awards Committee is to distribute allocated funds from the endowment through awards, grants, and special projects.

Chair:  Barry Kur

Deena Burke
Rena Cook
Kimberly Hill
Lise Olson
Lynn Watson

Pamela Prather (Board Liaison)


Diversity Committee


As part of the “VASTA vision 2005-2014,” VASTA board created a “Diversity” sub-committee to brainstorm how VASTA defines “diversity,” and initiatives and activities towards that goal. The committee created a “diversity template” for discussion at the 2006 VASTA conference, and from the ideas shared during that discussion, generated a VASTA Diversity document.  There is also a diversity bibliography and a Recommendation for Best Practices in Diversity for Academic Theater Programs.  If you have questions, ideas, or thoughts for the committee, please contact its chair, Cynthia DeCure.

Chair: Cynthia DeCure

Olisa Enrico-Johnson
Micha Espinosa
Robert Gontier
Donzell Lewis
Michele Lopez-Rios
Kristen Loree
Robin Miles
Cynthia Santos-DeCure
Elizabeth Terrel
Rebecca Root
Ibsen Santos
Alison Vasquez

Kim Bey (Board Liaison)

Interdisciplinary Engagement Committee

VASTA's Interdisciplinary Engagement Committee is a bridge between our voice and speech community and the rest of the world.  We do this in a variety of ways:

  • Offering our expertise to groups that cannot usually afford our services so that we simultaneously foster those relationships, give back to our communities, and raise voice and speech awareness.
  • Promote active participation with various groups so that the next generation is familiar with who we are, what we do, and how we can serve them.
  • Provide resources to our members including pr/marketing and Shared Best Practices templates so that it’s easy to maintain a professional and consistent presence during engagement activities.
  • Expand our collective knowledge by exploring fields that are not typically connected to voice and speech so that we identify possible collaborations and expand our horizons.

Co-Chairs:  Joanna Battles and Tamara Meneghini


Cynthia Bassham
Paul Ricciardi
Phil Thompson                                      

Julia Guichard (Board Liaison)


Teaching & Learning Committee

The purposes of the VASTA Teaching and Learning Committee are to advance the quality of training offered by members, and to enhance the professional/academic standing of VASTA as an organization, through active engagement with pedagogical meta-principles and with the educational philosophies that underlie various voice/speech training methods.

Chair: Diane Robinson

Paul Backer
Marina Gilman
Marlene Johnson
Shannon Vickers

Erika Bailey (Board Liaison)


International Committee


The International Committee is committed to increasing dialogue between the members of the global voicecommunity.  Through this dialogue, we are all able to reflect and expand our awareness of both our own practices and our students' diverse needs, in addition to working towards greater inclusivity on a professional and academic level.  Through diverse initiatives, we seek to share VASTA's resources and support with a wider community and in turn, share the gifts and insight from that community to enrich VASTA.

Chair: Flloyd Kennedy (UK/AU)


Oscar Quiroz (Honduras)
Mary Coy (US)
Polly Pogosyan (US/Russia)
Kendra Kingsbury (US)
Laura Neel (US)
Amy Ginther (US/Korea)
Bimbo Benson (Nigeria)
Luis Aros (Chile)
Dawn Sadoway (Canada)
Marcela Grandolpho (Brazil)
Ana Laan (Spain)
Alexandra Whitham  (NZ)
Chiara Claudi (Italy)
Sulian Vieira Pacheco (Brazil)
Marina Tyndall (UK)

John Graham (US)(Board Liaison)


Business and Corporate Consulting (BizCorp) Committee

"Empowering authentic business leadership and communication"

VASTA's Business and Corporate Consulting Committee represents those who specialize in providing professional voice and speech coaching services to those within business/es or corporate environments. It is our mission to:​

  1. Creatively deliver these services while maintaining the integrity of our professions and upholding the overall mission of VASTA.
  2. Maintain an ongoing dialogue among the various business arenas, the arts industry, and academia so we may be able to utilize empirical teaching methods with those who employ our services.

Chair: Dolly May


Hillary Blair

Pamela Prather (Board Liaison)