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Photo of Erin Washington
Erin Washington
Committee Chair

The Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee serves to bring awareness to our voice community to help, support and encourage practices that reflect equity, diversity and inclusion.

VASTA serves a diverse constituency of theater professionals, academics, and voice professionals. As national demographics reflect the rich cultural, ethnic, and racial diversity of our planet, VASTA recognizes that it begins its 21st year as an organization predominantly comprised of Caucasian members with educational and artistic methods derived primarily from Eurocentric, specifically Anglo-American, forms, traditions, and texts.

Committee Members:

Cynthia Santos-DeCure
Joy Lanceta Coronel
Micha Espinosa
Amy Mihyang Ginther
Elisa Gonzalez
Sammi Grant
Michelle Lopez-Rios
Olisa Enrico-Johnson
Donzell Lewis
Kristen Loree
Robin Miles
Marie Ramirez-Downing
Judy Shahn
Scott Stackhouse
Elizabeth Terrel
Hetal Varia
Alison Vasquez

Board Liaison: 
Cynthia Santos-DeCure

We hope you are settling into a nourishing and restful summer, enjoying the heat if that’s your thing, and if not, escaping for cooler conditions! We are beyond excited about our upcoming VASTA 2022 Conference in SONOMA in-person and online! The best of both worlds, all around the world for a Happy Hour or 2, to be in our IDENTITIES.

On Day 2, the evening of July 14th, we gather for the EDIA+ IDENTITY Cabaret. Calling all creative thinkers, passion professionals & multi-hyphenate performing artists! Sing a diddy, recite a poem, share storytime, its your world!

Every Voice Matters, Let's Count You In:

Sign Up for the EDIA+ Identity Cabaret!

7:30pm PST - 10:30pm EST - 3:30am BST - 12:30pm AEST




If you have questions, ideas, or thoughts for the committee, please contact Erin Washington, committee chair.