Lifetime Distinguished Members

The VASTA Board of Directors wishes to honor individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the field of Voice & Speech. In recognition of their achievements, they are given an honorary membership. These individuals include:


Frankie Armstrong

Fran Bennett

Cicely Berry

Rocco DalVera

Rocco DalVera

Catherine Fitzmaurice

Kristin Linklater


Sue Ann Park


Carol Pendergrast

Bonnie Raphael

Patsy Rodenburg

Janet Rodgers

Janet Rodgers


Lucille S. Rubin

Robert T. Sataloff

David Smukler

Kate Ufema

Andrew Wade




In Memoriam

We would like to remember our distinguished members who have passed.

Marie Corrigan

Dudley Knight

Arthur Lessac

Evangeline Machlin

Dorothy Mennen