Consider applying for the third year of VASTA's Early Career Leadership Initiative!!

The deadline for Submissions for the 2018-2019 candidates has already passed. 


VASTA is dedicated to promoting leadership for members, to prepare them for a varied and fulfilling career.
This initiative is designed to benefit newer members, early in their career, by having them attend a year of board meetings, to learn the inner workings of the organization. The member will have attended at least one VASTA conference before applying.

While this will be a non-voting position, it will afford an opportunity to have the views of early career members heard in order to help craft policy and procedures from a fresh perspective. Our mission statement guides VASTA to represent as many diverse views as possible, to enrich all our approaches to teaching and coaching voice and speech in education, business, and the wider community.

The meetings include:

  • The Quarter 4 Board meeting, November 30-December 2, city still TBD - Friday evening, all day Saturday, Sunday early afternoon. Flight and hotel are paid for by VASTA.
  • 3 Video Conference Calls throughout the year. As issues arise, there may be a need for one or two more ‘virtual’ meetings.
  • Annual Conference Board meetings: All day meeting before the evening opening session of the annual conference, and a short follow-up meeting at the end of the conference (eg noon to 3 pm or 6 to 8 pm). Attendance at the annual conference and meetings are not funded for board members or this position.

Reporting on the experience:
As well as full attendance at all board meetings, this initiative requires short reports on your experience at each meeting for the newsletter- VASTA Visions. We are keen to keep members in the loop about Board happenings from your point of view.

To apply for consideration for the 2019-2020 Early Career Leadership Initiative,

Click Here!

OR email a PDF statement of:

  • When did you join VASTA?
  • How did you get connected with VASTA?
  • Why you would like to attend the board meetings as the Early Career representative
  • How this will impact plans for your career.

Please, separately attach a CV of your experience to date and email your application to the President, Michael J. Barnes at president(at)

Deadline for the 2018-2019 spots is Friday, October 26, 2018.

If you have any questions, please reach out to president(at)