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Exclusive Member Benefits

Advance your career and make an impact in the world of voice!

Our goal is for members to use VASTA as a resource for knowledge.

Membership includes complimentary online access to:

  • The Voice and Speech Review (VSR), VASTA's peer-reviewed journal
  • The VASTA Voice, VASTA's quarterly member Newsletter
  • Theatre, Dance and Performance Training (TDPT)
  • Research in Drama Education (RIDE)
  • VASTA's Trainings, Links & Other Resources
  • IPA Fonts - step-by-step instructions for writing in IPA on your computer
  • Member forums and discussion boards

Free Printed Copy of the VSR

Members may opt-in to receive a FREE printed copy of VASTA's yearly-printed scholarly journal, the Voice and Speech Review. The journal is not available for individual purchase.


  • 30% off all Routledge Press online book orders
  • $100 off VASTA's annual conference

Funding for Member Professional Development

Annual Conference Funding Opportunities:

Virtual Trainings including:

  • Creating online courses
  • Fundamentals in running your own business
  • Finding your core coaching demographic
  • How to utilize publishing for your business
  • Creating clear and compassion contracts
  • Balancing academia and coaching
    Moving from academia to private coaching
  • Moving from coaching artists to coaching corporate clients
  • Coaching politicians, lawyers, and people in the medical field
  • Using the Zoom platform for online coaching
  • Utilizing LinkedIn to maximize your exposure and create social credibility
  • How to network with local organizations to gain clients

Support for Academics:

  • Promotion and Tenure Resources
  • Pedagogical Resources
  • Research support
  • Opportunity to present papers, workshops, lectures, etc. at VASTA's Annual Conference.
  • Opportunity to publish a paper in the Voice and Speech Review

Other perks:

  • Access to VASTA's Document Library 
  • Join the conversation with other voice colleagues on VASTA's various forums
  • Build community and connect with voice professionals from around the globe
  • Improve the visibility and prestige of your profession through a dynamic organization that shares your commitment to quality voice and speech training
  • A voice and vote at VASTA's business meetings
  • Ask questions about medical voice problems, anatomy & physiology, voice care, etc. from VASTA's Medical Advisor

Timely information about exciting worldwide workshops and conferences with subjects like:

  • Speech and Accents/Dialects 
  • Musical theatre
  • Radio & TV techniques
  • Shakespeare 
  • Singing
  • Voice & speech sciences
  • Corporate voice and speech techniques 
  • Media and other professional voice users

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