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Becoming a VASTA Member

The qualifications for VASTA membership levels are listed below. Please choose the type that best fits you.

Membership Type | Qualifications


Membership for those working in a professional career. VASTA welcomes any member in the field of Voice & Speech, or other related field.


Membership for anyone who is 65 or older and considers themselves to be retired.


Membership for students pursuing a career in a voice specialty who are enrolled full-time in undergraduate or advanced university studies.

Why Join VASTA?

The Voice and Speech Trainers Association wants you to become part of the largest international organization of teachers dedicated to Voice and Speech in the world. Whether working in independent practice, schools, or higher education, VASTA members from 26 countries represent the diversity of Voice and Speech today.

Membership Fees

Professional members pay only $120 USD yearly for all the benefits of membership (VASTA memberships are on a rolling calendar based on the day you join). Students and Retirees are offered the discounted rate of $75 USD.

During these challenging times, VASTA is offering a 33% DISCOUNT for ALL new members, reducing the amount of membership to only $80/$50. Simply enter the code 33%NewDiscount in the Coupon box on the payment page of your membership application.

VASTA is pleased to offer reduced rates for people who work in countries with low-income economies, as defined by the World Bank. Country classifications can be found on the World Bank website. Membership rates for people in Middle High, Middle Low, and Low income countries range from 30% - 70% off. If you qualify for a lower rate, when you enter your country in the application, the form will adjust the amount due. If you have any questions, please contact our Director of Operations.

Join VASTA Now!

Learn and grow as a voice coach or teacher

For a complete list of  benefits, visit our Exclusive Member Benefits page.

Professional development

Network with your peers at annual international conferences held all over the world. Enjoy frequent online educational and training events, and other resources, through our specialization tracks: EduCore, BizCore, ArtsCore, and Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. Take advantage of pedagogical resources, research support, and more. And connect with your colleagues through member forums, discussion boards, and workshops.

Voice and Speech Review

VASTA members enjoy FREE access to all online content in the Voice and Speech Review (VSR). Additionally, the printed yearly volume will be mailed annually to all active VASTA members who elect to receive it. VASTA members also receive several other benefits through Routledge Press, including digital access to Theatre, Dance and Performance Training (TDPT),  and Research in Drama Education (RIDE). VASTA Members also receive 30% off ALL printed books when ordering directly through Routledge.

Awards and Grants

Every year VASTA offers more than USD$14,000 in awards and grants to members. These awards include conference travel awards, research grants, education grants, and VSR awards. There are ample financial opportunities in awards and grants from VASTA. 


VASTA has more than 600 members who teach in a wide variety of settings. Most VASTA teachers are active performers or speakers as well, and have valuable contacts in the professional worlds of acting and business coaching. Members may access contact information for any other members through the online directory.

Enjoy the Benefits of Being a VASTA Member Today!