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Photos of various VASTA Members


In August 1986, a nucleus of voice and speech trainers met in New York City. They were motivated by a common concern—the need for an organization to advance the cause of voice and speech training through the promotion of better training programs and the development of more highly trained voice and speech teachers.

At this meeting, the Voice and Speech Trainers Association—VASTA—was born. VASTA held its first conference in New York City in June 1987, where a Constitution and By-Laws were approved. Incorporation took place the following month.

Although the founding group was particularly concerned with actor training, a broader vision for the organization quickly evolved when it became clear that vocal communication skills were not only paramount for the actor, but for all professional voice users. So as the idea of the professional voice began to reach into sectors far beyond the actor's stage, VASTA strove for greater advocacy through the creation and dissemination of numerous training and informational aids. Annual conferences became a mainstay for those wishing to enhance and/or improve their practical and teaching skills, while the inclusion of voice science grew to be core. VASTA quickly grew into a mature service organization for its members, and in so doing created an organized and structured identity for the voice and speech profession.

As the voice and speech profession's identity became more widespread, VASTA's outreach pursued the inclusion of any and all of those practitioners who serve the functional voice, and any and all those interested outside the United States. Most recently, VASTA conferences are venturing beyond US borders, and the organization is reaching out with a committed effort to connect and exchange ideas and practices with related organizations and minorities.

Today, VASTA has approximately 650 members including academics, actors and singers, voice and speech pathologists, medical doctors, corporate trainers, and private studio trainers and healers. Members hail from every continent other than Antarctica and clients range from actors and singers to auctioneers to lawyers to politicians to the clergy, to CEOs—anyone for whom the voice and vocal communication are important.

History of VASTA Presidents

1986-1990 Dorothy Runk Mennen, Founding President
1991-1992 Barbara Acker
1992-1994 Barry Kur
1994-1996 Marian Hampton
1996-1998 BettyAnn Leeseberg-Lange
1998-2000 Janet Rodgers
2000-2002 Kate Burke
2002-2004 Kate Ufema
2004-2006 Lisa Wilson
2006-2008 Philip Thompson
2008-2010 Beth McGee
2010-2012 Patricia Raun
2012-2014 Mandy Rees
2014-2016 Lynn Watson
2016-2018 Betty Moulton
2018-2020 Michael J Barnes
2020-2022 Pamela Prather