May 3, 2019

Voice Intensive Vancouver 1 Week Intensive

Workshop Leader/Facilitator: 

David Smukler, Brad Gibson, Dawn McCaugherty and Gayle Murphy.


Vocal Production

Dates & Times:

May 3, 2019 - Tuesday May 7, 2019

Physical Address: 

Department of Theatre and Film, University of British Columbia B.C. Binnings Studios 


An immersive journey into breath, voice, body, image and language.  Discover new pathways to re-awaken and enhance your vocal and physical presence. At the center of the practices is the invitation to restore. You will revitalize and expand your responsiveness, resonance and range. The supportive and dynamic environment will inspire inquiry and imagination.

During the five days, you will have opportunities to: 

- discover new dimensions of your unique breath, body and voice 
- consciously re-align unnecessary effort into easeful responsiveness 
- tap into the potential of your vocal and physical imagination 
- explore integrated approaches to physical, vocal, and text practices 
- enrich your moment-to-moment relationship to self, to your rehearsal partners and to your audience 

Actors and advanced acting students are invited to renew and revitalize their craft. Directors and playwrights will experience the actor’s process through innovative sensory practices. Dancers and movers will increase their performance range as they discover the resonance of their voices. Voice teachers will acquire approaches to enrich their teaching.


1 Week: $760 CAD/$650 CAD with early bird registration by Feb 28, 2019 

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Contact Phone: 416-593-8455

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