VASTA Mission Statement

VASTA is an international organization whose mission is to advance the art, research, and visibility of the voice and speech profession.


  • SERVE the needs of voice and speech specialists,  teachers, and students in training and in practice.
  • ADVOCATE for those who work and study in the field.
  • PROMOTE the vital role of voice and speech specialists  for all professional voice users.
  • BROADEN public understanding of the nature and importance  of voice and speech use and training.
  • CREATE opportunities for ongoing education, and the  exchange of knowledge and information among professionals in the field.
  • CULTIVATE diversity within our membership, and encourage  a liveliness of thought and opinion.
  • UPHOLD and advance excellence in voice and  speech.


VASTA VISION 2014 - 2023


The Voice and Speech Trainers Association has had a long-standing commitment to advancing the field, professional development of its members, publishing, mentorship, diversity, advocacy, and international growth. While maintaining these on-going initiatives, the organization plans to use the following three charges to guide us as we move into the future.


  1. Share within our VASTA circle by increasing opportunities to learn from each other’s expertise, hear one another’s stories, open conversations, provide mentorship and nurture leaders.
  2. Expand outside our VASTA circle by creating initiatives to learn from other fields, invite new members in, and bring students to conferences.
  3. Engage with individuals and groups outside our field, offering our work to help empower their voices while opening ourselves to what we may learn in the exchange.