November 9, 2019

Voice Movement Therapy: The Voice Unchained

Workshop Leader/Facilitator:

Christine Isherwood & Anne Brownell



Dates & Times:

Module 1: 11/09/19 - 11/27/19; Module 2: 01/04/20 - 01/25/20; Module 3: 03/07/20 - 03/28/20; Module 4: 05/09/20 - 06/06/20

Physical Address:

Marion Town Music Hall, 
164 Front St,
MA 02738


The Voice Unchained, Overview:

This training grounds individuals in a very particular way of expanding the parameters of their voices, encountering the stories of their bodies and psyches, and enabling others, whatever their level of verbal skill or accomplishment, to increase their expressive and communicative ability.

VMT combines psychotherapeutic principles with breath-work, movement, imagery, massage, song and improvisation, seeking to explore the relationship of mind, body and spirit which make up the human condition. As the voice is the most direct means of approaching the material which resides inside each individual, through VMT the ability to use the voice expressively is expanded and we touch the depths of ourselves to encounter our potential and our release, finding a more conscious relation to ourselves.

VMT works with individuals in their entirety, recognizing that, as the body is host to the voice, it is necessary to re-embody that voice, not just from the diaphragm up, but through a holistic engagement of body, mind and soul. The more we can connect our vocal output to our physical selves - the more flexible, durable, versatile and responsive we can make it to life as we experience it – the more we can ground ourselves in the reality of our whole being.  Working with a particular set of vocal components, breathing and massage techniques, images, ideas, and the sounds and characters that emerge when engaging with one's own story through the embodied voice, we seek to bring that voice into the world. 

 The Training will be taught by Anne Brownell and Christine Isherwood in a modular format (see Training Details) and, as ever, we seek to attract people who are passionate about this work, both as a way of investigating the self through voice and body and coming together to create inclusive communities through the power of the singing voice, the only instrument wherein both player and played upon are contained within the same organic form.  We believe that, just as there is no bad sound unless it is vocally damaging, so there is nothing that cannot be safely expressed within the container of creative song.

         The first VMT training was held in London 27 years ago and then moved to the island of Martha's Vineyard, then to South Africa, and is currently being taught in China.  The Norma Canner Foundation, a 501 c-3 not-for-profit, has partnered with the Marion Institute who are offering fiscal and technical assistance. The Marion Institute, also a not-for-profit, are focused on the environment, bio-regulatory medicine, and the health of the whole person. There are some scholarships available towards tuition.

Cost: $7,000

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Contact Phone: 508 685 7445

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