Voice and Speech Review Awards

The journal has three annual awards: 


Dudley Knight Award for Outstanding Vocal Scholarship

This award is named in memory of Dudley Knight, a former VSR Editor-in-Chief and Distinguished VASTA member. The award is open to peer reviewed research articles. Winners receive $400. 

Previous winners

2017 - Joanna Cazden for Stalking the Calm Buzz: How the Polyvagal Theory Links Stage Presence, Mammal Evolution, and the Root of the Vocal Nerve 

2016 - Deric McNish for The Performance of Fluency


Rocco Dal Vera Graduate Research Award 

This award is named in memory of Rocco Dal Vera, the founding VSR Editor-in-Chief and Distinguished VASTA member. This award is open to articles that were based on graduate research. Winners receive $200. 

Previous winners

2017 - Kate Glasheen for Negotiating the Contrary Craft of the Triple-Threat

2016 - Melissa Kollwitz for Breath, Tremoring, and Performance Anxiety: How can Fitzmaurice Voicework’s Destructuring Address Performance Anxiety in Undergraduate Acting Training? 


VSR Forum Article of the Year Award

This award is open to authors in the Forum section of the journal, who offer relevant academic conversations and experienced-based or opinion-based articles.

Previous winners

2017 - Matthew Hoch for The Legacy of William Vennard and D. Ralph Appelman and Their Influence on Singing Voice Pedagogy: Reflections after 50 Years (1967-2017)

2016 - Shannon Holmes for Autoethnography and Voicework: Autobiographical Narrative and Self-reflection as a Means towards Free Vocal Expression 


Award Details

The Editor-in-Chief nominates three to four articles every year for each category. Members of the entire VSR Editorial Board vote for the winners. The Editor-in-Chief decides any tie. The awards are announced online on or around May 1st of each year. 

Beginning in 2017, there are monetary prizes for the Dudley Knight Award ($400) and the Rocco Dal Vera Award ($200). If an award-winning article has more than one author, then the authors split the total sum of the award evenly.  


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